My work tells a story. Each piece invites the viewer to wonder, meditate and react.

In addition to my subject matter, my media tells a story as well. I use pure bee's wax and pigments exclusively. Always applied over wood, these noble, biodegradable elements transmit a very pure and organic energy reinforcing the supremacy of Nature in all that I do.

The plasticity of the wax and its sensitivity to temperature requires me to interchange painting and sculpting continuously. The technique itself is quite rigorous and unforgiving. Yet, the thoughts and emotion that inspire my art are very liberating and impulsive. My untamed artistic expression coupled with regimented diligence is really quite a beautiful challenge for me.

I enjoy every piece I create tremendously each represents the embodiment of pleasure and beauty in the deepest sense.

I welcome people of all ages and cultures. My work inspires qualities inherent to a healthy, happy mind and soul. Fundamentally, I would like to serve the community through my artwork, opening a journey of questions of discovery about one self, the nature and ultimately, the whole universe.