Veronica Felix (Ecuador- Quito, 1975)

I was born in Quito, Ecuador in 1975 and studied Ecology and Tourism at the Catholic University in Quito. As a student, I was the assistant of a Chilean muralist, he introduces me to work with pigments color and form, but the travels around the country inspired me and strengthened my commitment to protect the environment. I lived 5 years in Chicago, in an artistic community in Wicker Park. Here, I met many artists who inspired me and I learned to work with wax. I took Ecology and Art classes at the North Western University, where I discovered the merging of both themes as driving forces in my life.

As my husband is Italian, in 2003 we moved to Verona, here, I had the opportunity to work with the Palazzo Forti, they trained me to teach modern art to children in the province of Verona. I learned to teach, which is important in my practice.

My technique is Encaustica, consists exclusively of bee's wax, that melted is applied on wood surfaces. Using natural or mineral pigments, this technique is 100% biodegradable, eco- friendly and rich in color. Occasionally I use other biodegradable materials. I am required to interchange constantly between painting and sculpting, to obtain great textures, delicious to the tact, its plasticity inspired me to create art for visually impaired people; this experience taught me to reach beyond the thinkable and this defined me artistically. My work is an environmental statement, through which I look to serve and integrate the community.

Later we transfer to Ulm, a year later to Dresden and a year later to Amsterdam where my daughter was born, in all this places I take local art classes and continue learning, setting up exhibitions and working in private commissions. Every place brought me something vibrant, change is always welcome and I embrace with love new cultures and new people.

In 2008 we moved to los Gatos, my son was born here. I started making terrariums as an art form; this connected me passionately with the nature, with my inner God and with the Universe. This deep revelation impacts my art and life.

I have participated few times, at the ICA of San Jose, and MACLA for their annual shows. In 2010 I had a solo show at the Cultural Center PUCE in Quito, dedicated to the visually impaired. The show was part of a larger exhibition in collaboration with the Louvre Museum in Paris.

I continue working in private commissions and developing projects that involve painting, mural and making of terrariums and I collaborate in film.